10 reasons why your business needs a bookkeeper

Why should I employ the services of a bookkeeper?

This is a question probably more relevant today than at any other time in the past!

With the introduction of Cloud accounting and the numerous software`s now available,
 they advertise how easy it is to maintain your books and complete your tax returns!

I do agree, it is most certainly a lot easier than it has ever been to complete these tasks.
However, it will never diminish the amount of time needed to do so.

At Tandem Business Solutions we have come up with 10 good reasons to employ the services of a certified bookkeeper

10 good Reasons to employ a bookkeeper

  1. Business owners are left to do what they do best, run their own business.
  2. Have a competent person who will ensure all compliance and filings are kept up to date.
  3. Did you really start your business to become an expert in accounts!
  4. Maintain and review cashflow.
  5. Ensuring all bills are paid when they should be paid.
  6. Keeping a track on who owes you money.
  7. When it comes to the prickly subject of chasing debt, have someone external so business relationships remain intact.
  8. In all honesty a bookkeeper should pay for itself, meaning the amount they save you per annum should outweigh the amount it costs.
  9. Receive timely and accurate reports enabling the business owner in any business decisions.
  10. Knowing you have someone on board whose duty it is to keep up with new legislation and act upon it in a timely manner.

These are of course any a few reasons and there are many more!

Why you need a bookkeeping professional in your business

During the pandemic bookkeepers were in high demand. Business owners wanted someone who was on top of all the
information flowing out from government, such as available grants, bounce bank loans and of course the furlough scheme.

Okay so most of these schemes have now finished, but a good bookkeeper can still assist a business owner in claiming any
entitlements they could be eligible for and assist in gaining any finance the business my be requiring.

My opinion is that in this current climate a bookkeeper is just as valuable as we were in the pandemic.

If I need a brick wall built, I employ the services of a builder, if I need a new tap fitted I employ the services of a plumber If I need legal advice I employ the services of a law firm!

Where can I get help with bookkeeping?

If you would like to find out how we at Tandem can assist with all your bookkeeping needs, you are in the right place,
please click on the BOOK A CALL link.

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